Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nokia Introduces The New Nokia Lumia 620

Nokia introduced the Nokia Lumia 620, the third and most affordable addition to the range of smartphones with Windows Phone 8. Along with the flagship Nokia Lumia 920 and mid-range smartphone Nokia Lumia 820, Nokia Lumia 620 offers a compact design and fresh look. Nokia Lumia 620 uses a new "dual-shot" technique to deliver a variety of striking colors and effects. "Dual-shot" adds a second layer of colored, transparent or translucent polycarbonate layer on the main secondary colors and depth effects. Users can choose from seven different interchangeable panels that can adjust the appearance of their Nokia Lumia 620 to their own taste and style.

Nokia Lumia 620

"We continue to pursue our strategy to reach new audiences and new markets," said Jo Harlow, executive vice president of smart devices at Nokia. "Thanks to its innovative design, Nokia Lumia 620 with Windows Phone 8 is highly competitive smartphone for its price class, thanks to a number of extras such as Nokia Lenses, Nokia Maps and Nokia Music." Added Harlow.

Among the features of the Nokia Lumia 620, which it shares with the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 is exclusive camera lens that enhances the creativity of the 5-megapixel camera and additional VGA camera. Cinema lens add simple animations to still images as Smart Shoot create a perfect shot from multiple images and even removes unwanted objects from the image. Nokia Lumia 620 provides incredible navigation experience with the best cards in the world, thanks to the Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport and exclusive service Nokia City Lens. Nokia City Lens displays information about the environment projected on buildings that can be seen through the viewfinder of the camera. Nokia Music offers free streaming songs without registration or subscription, as well as the ability to download playlists for offline listening thus facilitates more enjoyment from listening to music.

With support for NFC, Nokia Lumia 620 can easily connect with other NFC accessories like wireless speaker JBL PlayUp Portable by Nokia. Open and secure NFC-connectivity allows you to share and receive content through touch compatible devices, or make secure payments using the Wallet application on Windows Phone 8.

Nokia Lumia 620 provides a personal mobile experience with Windows Phone 8, Live Tiles are updated directly on the homescreen. People Hub brings together all the information of contacts from various address books and social networks, making it easy to keep in touch with friends and create groups of contacts and separate "rooms" for sharing. By Me Tile, users can mark their location, to share, to determine the status of chat rooms to see what is new and monitor all notifications in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Windows Phone 8 also includes Xbox Live, Microsoft Office, 7GB free storage on SkyDrive files and faster and safer surfing with Internet Explorer 10. These features and functions are activated by the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus (1 GHz dual core).

"People can do most of the things we love, when choosing a mobile device with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon", said Enrico Salvatori, senior vice president and president of Qualcomm Europe. "CPU Snapdragon S4 Plus is the heart of the Nokia Lumia 620, which makes possible to carry out multi-tasking, HD broadcasting and sharing content super-fast speed."

Nokia Lumia 620 will be available in a range of colors * including green, orange, magenta, yellow, cyan, white and black. Deliveries of the Nokia Lumia 620 will begin in January 2013 in Asia, followed by Europe and the Middle East.

Key features of the Lumia 620:

OS - Windows Phone 8
Display - 3.8 "ClearBlack WVGA 800 x 480
Processor - 1 GHz Dual Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus
Memory - 512 MB RAM, 8 GB internal user, microSD slot up to 64 GB cards
Camera - main 5 MP, additional VGA
Battery - 1300 mAh


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