Thursday, April 26, 2012

Emotional Stress Can Be Relieved by Rapid Eye Movement Sleep

Rapid eye movement sleep can ease the emotional stress caused by past events, according to a study by UC Berkeley.

The daily Californian study, which was conducted over a period of one year and a half, is the first to systematically test the effects of sleep on brain activity and behavioral responses to emotional stress.

"This is the first to examine in sophisticated REM sleep," Els van der Helm, Ph.D. student in UC Berkeley psychology and lead author of the study, said the Californian in an email. "It facilitates not only for treatments (disorder PTSD), but also mood disorders. "

The study, REM sleep creates an ideal environment for the emotional brain processes because it reduces stress-induced electrical activity patterns and activity of certain neurotransmitters.

"We believe that this state of mind allows one to put these emotional experiences" in view of their integration with previous memories while "stripping away" the emotional tone associated with them, "van der Helm also said in the email.

For the study, participants [35 healthy young adults] have shown emotion-invoking images twice with an interval of 12 hours. Participants were allowed to sleep between the two displays showed a much less intense reaction to the second image relative to those who stayed awake.

So, REM sleep is playing a vital role in relieving stress in this study.

I advice my readers to sleep well and relieve your emotional stress. Because a good sleep can help you out of the emotional stress.


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