Thursday, April 26, 2012

Free your body, your mind will follow

If you still doubt the benefits of sport, here's a quick reminder with 8 good reasons to get started:

1. For the moral ! Sport is an antidepressant with 100% natural endorphins (happiness molecule) produced by the brain during the session sports.

2. Against the stress ! Sport helps to reduce stress and provides a healthy tiredness (provided you do not play sports 2 hours before falling asleep).

3. To the form ! Sport makes it more resistant to external aggressions less sick and more energetic.

4. For health ! Sport allows better circulation of blood in the arteries, better oxygenation of the cells, reduces bad cholesterol and works the most important muscle: the heart!

5. For the line ! Exercise burns calories and reduces the risk of obesity.

6. For the beauty ! Sport provides good looks and a firm body.

7. For sociability ! Sport can make friends easily.

8. For personal satisfaction ! Sport provides an opportunity to launch challenges .


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