Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Express Your Love: Do Not Be Afraid Of Love

Most people find it difficulty to express their love to their loved one. It is generally because of shyness. But you have overcome it and find a way to express your love to your loved one. That will bring you lots of happiness to your life.

Here is the way how you can do it....

Do not be afraid of love
He (she) did you like at first glance, but impossible to make a step towards him (it) ... He (she) came (e) you speak, but you have not managed to utter a word ... How to Succeed to find your soul mate when shyness is stronger than love?

It is called shyness, social anxiety or fear of others, it is always the same: to be the face that could make you the happiest, you blush, your palms sweat or tremble. Your words are disconnected or you stutter. An unfortunate intestinal bloating takes hold of you, your eyes wander...

Enough of missed appointments!

Some refuge in silence. Others, not daring to cancel, do not attend scheduled appointments with your loved one, come too late or get sick. The difficulty of meeting someone you love and which we want to be loved seems to be so insurmountable, that the timid prefer to dream a relationship rather than the living!

Lovers are always intimidated

If the timid tremble and blush, it is because he fears being underestimated. He is so preoccupied with his image that he forgets to move away from the others. He thinks he's a victim - first of his shyness - and therefore expects the other to pick him. He is fascinated by the beloved and, suddenly the thought at once invulnerable and inaccessible. Did he just asked what the other felt her face? The blushing love is ridiculous, but he forgets that disrupts or even paralyzed, his partner. The latter is probably too intimidated: in love, what could be more normal? The risk is that it interprets a look in the opposite bias, a cold lasting, repeated absences for appointments...

Overcome fear to reach out to others

To cure his shyness, he must first learn to live with, until one day we will overcome! The shy must first understand his feelings: why is it afraid of being rejected? How does he define the nature of the anguish?

Then you have to take the plunge. Miss an appointment and then invent an excuse improbable, not daring to embrace, is to trap you and make fun of his partner. And then the other can also get nervous, even if he does not show!

It is best to practice at home with a friend or even downright playing the scene apprehended with a cousin, and then face the real situations. It should also get physical. As a woman who is preparing for childbirth, you have to work his breath, moving the breath from the throat to the chest or abdomen and using her voice, lest it stifles more in the presence of the beloved. Work on balance and flexibility, thanks to the techniques of yoga, for example, can also help not to tremble and blush.

In short, the timid must learn to limit the outward manifestations of social anxiety. By successfully overcome her fear of others, the shy will be able to free her body and her mind, to finally find love.


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