Thursday, May 17, 2012

How To Overcome From The Obsessive Love Problem

The obsessive love Addiction (OA) is a deep problem, which does not deal with simple measures in the life of every day. Out is a task you need to succeed if you want to avoid re-offending soon after.

OA suggests a lack of confidence.
This is debatable, I see it, but in my experience, whenever I been in OA, it is because I wanted to possess the other, it belongs to me, it is up to me, we live something unique, something just between we.

The OA reflects a sense of need sentimental, emotional. She is taking shape within you, and you cannot treat sore just by saying "never again! “

Often, when you come here to ask me "how to get out" is that you have already recognized your emotional dependence, and it weighs you.
If you are aware of your state, you have already taken a big step to recovery.
But do not make the mistake of underestimating behavior of OA, otherwise it will become recurrent, each new relationship.

In my opinion, take the problem at its root, why you have an attitude of dependence, possessiveness. It means you agree to say at a time that you do not feel up to it, or you are afraid.
Because no one says the keys to dependence when estimating that we're not able to keep them.
Work on one, implies work inside of yourself, every day, at any moment, which is characterized by an application after your everyday challenges.

The human mind is very talented, and makes you believe things very easily. The OA is a mind which wins over another, that of fear (fear of losing a loved one, lest he / she cheating on you, lest he / she live with someone else other ...), that of trust.
Exit an OA is to accept the fact that no one is yours, and will never be yours.
It is accepting a seduction attempt to rotate so short Just as you were perfect.
It is accepting a situation of failure (or even unexpected victory).
It is willing to be that which is, without hiding behind techniques that make you sound like other.

Because it is the mask, the same man who gives you confidence that you put a spoke in the wheels: "She loves my mask, but me? “

There may be various forms of OA, and various causes.
But the reason is always the same, and if you look deep inside you, by accepting the unacceptable (and sometimes, like me, we are surprised at the depth of problem), and if you're determined to leave all that, then you will find
In fact, when I go out with a girl I get low and I tend to think only of her

If you were poor and did not, say, only one horse. You would hold to him and to him, since you did that to him.
This behavior is quite understandable.
The difference here is that no one is poor with love and personality. You do not have a single girl or boy; you will not live that once love.
Just be persuaded, and live with this feeling to realize that it is justified.

Try To get away and do not fall into the trap of OA.

We have seen, the problem of OA is rooted in a lack of self esteem.

To increase your sense of self, you must pass to be proud of you, to love you (yes), to assume your actions, your feelings. And manage it all.
Attach your goals, modest in the first time, and complete them.
Be proud!

Then you attach more ambitious goals. Success breeds success and the desire to progress. You input a virtuous circle.


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