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Maui - Natural Beauty Enrich Island Of Hawaii

Second largest island of the archipelago of Hawaii, Maui Magic seduced by its natural treasures and the variety of tourist attractions.

ALOHA SPIRIT is a picture book or sold by the effects of advertising, or even treat a myth exotic overestimated, overused, because, let alone a marketing formula spoiled by a state to live mainly from tourism. The natural beauty of Maui, the second most visited island of the Hawaiian Islands, derives from its airport open almost, generosity and hospitality that characterize the Aloha spirit. Its shape symbolizes butterfly "Island of the valleys" formed by two volcanoes, connected by a plane, because of its diversity, the seductive power of the United States in Europe, most delirious. Oh Hawaii! Beaches, volcanoes, its hotels, surfers, crystal clear water, mountains, waterfalls: She dreamed that Maui has!

Unofficially proclaimed "Maui no ka ho" ("Maui is the best"), "Magic Iceland" urbanized coexistence lush landscapes and quiet of nature with resorts resorts more, the development of the card that also has wiped unprofitable plantations. No other Island of Hawaii twin luxury and simplicity with this identity. In his 1883 square kilometers, the second largest island in the 50 th U.S. state offers (about 120 000 inhabitants), a variety of tourism opportunities.

For the desires of four stars and walk off the west coast, the beaches and the postcard all what they want. The port of Lahaina, a former whaling port and well-preserved Historic District, a hive of activity with art galleries, chic restaurants and exotic, bars and shops. In the near Kaanapali, 4.8 km of beach, luxury hotels and resorts spread proud of their path of world-class golf in the middle of an area rich in history yet. In a tropical paradise but it's true, standardized on the side of his honeymoon, there are curious Puu Kekaa or "Black Rock", a sacred place of Aboriginal mythology where the souls of the dead have crossed the Kingdom of the spiritual.

In the southern part of Kaanapali, the whaling villages alongside eclectic markets to offer. To participate in Lahaina, it is even possible to take the train sugar cane, sugar cane and brings to the foothills, a journey by train from a different era. Southwest, Maalaea Bay, near the island of Molokini Kihei work in its splendor. The volcano erupted into the open sea is a must-dive site.


Between December and April, the channel between Maui Lanai island is visited by humpback whales. Kaanapali or Wailea, so listen to indulge in a trip or view Immerse yourself in a maze of rarely are these scum watches the seas enough at fair value. In addition to the West Maui Volcano, lush Iao Valley and Sugarloaf, also worth a visit. And not just because it was the scene of the Battle of Kepaniwai 1790, was crucial for the unification of the archipelago.

With its varied topography, a combination of reliefs in the inner mountains and precipitous heights, Maui's south and east of the treasures still more wonderful than he wanted to Oahu, Honolulu is home to the most important capital. West of Hana, the majestic Hale'a'Kala ("House of the Sun") and its seven climate zones symbolize the uniqueness of Maui.

In summary, the best Maui sit romantic adventurers and travelers. Their resources are its assets for seduction. They are abundant. And that is called the aloha spirit.


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