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Finland - the Arctic experience

A country that puts human face to its rightful place in the nature of both wild and serene, you blowing in the ear had better respect it. The first tribes that inhabited the country worshiped the gods of wind, fish, storms, forest. Today, the Finns still live in harmony with nature.


Excellent starting point for exploring Lapland. Cultural capital of the North, it is also a benchmark for industry and high technology. The city is under snow half the year; you can try, among others, cross-country skiing, but for the less athletic ... this is also where are organizing the world championships of "air guitar".


Located 10 km below the Arctic Circle, it is considered the capital of Lapland. Completely destroyed by the Germans in 1944, it was rebuilt on a human scale building with low enough that we can shout that dinner is ready! Best opportunities for hiking and raids.
Do not miss the Museum Arktikum: museum and science center that invites exploration of Lapland and arctic regions.

Hiking with huskies
Go on hikes through magnificent forests. Surprisingly, one can learn quite easily control. Two-hour ride a real one-day trek. The "northen gate safari", a farm of 300 Yuskis Kadi welcomes you in French if desired. In the morning, five dogs are enough to drive a sled, they are just waiting to blow off steam, and have considerable force. Hang on. Insulated overalls, boots, wool socks and gloves are provided.

Hiking half an hour to 3 days. For children: from three years.

Joulupukin Pajakyla (Santa Claus Village)
Here it crosses the line of the Arctic Circle. It is also the Santa Claus Village. This is the nineteenth century, the Finnish state radio; Uncle Marcus unveiled this big scoop: Santa Claus would have chosen the Arctic Circle as an office. Beyond the kitsch and a massive tourist presence, the position is quite interesting to visit. She gets mail from around the world. Many letters - titled "Santa Claus Lapland" or "Father Christmas Paradise" - come here, and it is quite moving. Santa Claus meets, approximately 10 percent of mail received, provided that this is not just a list of gifts.


Ski area of ​​100 hectares, the largest in Finland. You can even ski at night.

ICE BREAKER (Kemi): Gulf of Bothnia

This is the only icebreaker in the world to pick up passengers (from late December until Easter according to the density of ice). Breathtaking Travel experience.
Icebreaker "Campo Santo" weighs no less than five thousand tons, and this is its weight that breaks the ice. The ice is solid from Sweden to Finland. You can walk on the ship at will, the control room in the engine room. Best of all: swimming for all. Useless to take his jersey; prefer the solid neoprene which will be provided.

How to Go
Finnair offers, from Brussels, up to 4 direct flights per day to Helsinki (duration 2:30). From Helsinki, we reach the city of Oulu in northern Finland in 1 hour flight. Price from 330 euros. Finnair also serves the cities of Kittila (Levi), Rovaniemi and Kemi.


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