Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Best Beaches in the world

Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro-the most famous places for living in Rio and one of the world's lawmakers of beach fashion. There appear yellow fashion swimwear bikini thong and wicker type. Ibid. at the beach sexy Sun-worshipping followers drink the traditional Brazilian rum from sugar cane (cachaca cocktail or caipirina cachaca with lime and vodka, sugar and ice. Walking is athletic windsurfers. There is also a separate gay part, Te flag with the colors of the Rainbow. mass of the promenade is a 24-hour party, the restaurants are Fri.

Monterosso Al Malé, Italy-krajbrecno kloloritno village in antique style. because of the vd″hnovâvaŝoto combination of crystal clear water and beautiful beaches, olive groves, this site was declared a national park. The sea here is considered the purest of the Apennines.

To Playa Bossa, Ibiza-world-famous with his shattering night life in countless bars and nightlife, gulâite and pirovete that start with a crazy party and afternoon Club complete with disco sunrises. So by noon everything is relaxation. Platja de Bossa is one of the longest beaches in Ibiza.

Natadola Beach, Fiji, one of the three satellite islands of Fiji. Those who are there n satisfy themselves that this is the paradise. The break among the reefs is a guarantee that you will izvaete perfect body with swimming, diving and surfing, you will enjoy the fabulous scenery and smash sunsets.

phang Nga Bay, Phuket-Phuket is the richest province in the Kingdom of Thailand and offers one of the most impressive natural views. The location is wonderful for a yacht trip, which stops here there to enjoy the enchanting shores.

Sanur Beach, Bali is famous for its dense razstitelnost, white and Black Sands and Balinese wedding ceremonies. Sanur is a great place for observing breathtaking sunsets, while wandering along the banks, showered with white sands and warm water of the Indonesian Ocean.

South Beach, Florida - one of the most popular areas of Miami Beach and Miami is a land of Eternal Sunshine, beautiful beaches and impressive nightclubs that charge Hollywood celebrities. Might not be as exotic as the Rio, nor as flashy as the Côte d'Azur, but from its vibrant club scene at izkusitelnata shoreline, South Beach has proven itself as a resort of sexy plažuvai.

The Red Beach Santorini-the most famous and the most beautiful beaches of Santorini. To get to it you will need the yacht got away and then have to walk away. The moment in which we face the Bay, however, all your senses will open. Pâsak″t on the small sandy beach is reddish black, heat from the Sun as a world and is absutd to sit directly on it.


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