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London Tower Bridge - Famous Tourist Destination

Tower Bridge, One of the most famous bridges in the world.

Its name comes from its stronghold located next to the Tower. The idea of ​​the bridge was to alleviate traffic overload in the second half of the 19th century London Bridge (London Bridge). Competition is announced, which were submitted over 50 projects, some of which are downright absurd. After many disputes and scandals is an approved project of the architect Sir Horace Jones, who incidentally is a member of the jury.

London Tower Bridge

Construction began in 1886 and ended eight years later. Two towers of the bridge is 61 meters high and are located in the middle of huge concrete struts River Thames. The length of Tower Bridge is 244 meters total. Both parts of the roadway of the bridge between the towers can be lifted almost vertically within 5 minutes to allow the passage of boats on the Thames. This procedure is performed about 1,000 times a year. The parts between each of the towers and the coast are built on the principle of the suspension bridge.

Buildings of the bridge are open to tourists. Lift them climb a tower, and down you can use the stairs. Inside the building you will see interesting films about the history of the facility. In the pedestrian bridge between the two towers of 43 meters high, are interesting photographic exhibitions that were close to unique views of the city and river, is revealing here.

The bridge was a main character during the Olympics in London in 2012, months before the Games of the pedestrian bridges were installed giant Olympic rings. As part of the opening ceremony of the Olympics  three times underneath flew  helicopters and David Beckham carry Olympic torch in the boat.

On day  Tower Bridge is  crossed  by  about 40,000 people.


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