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London Tourist Spot - Westminster Palace and Abbey

The entire complex of  the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben,  Westminster Abbey and "St. Margarita "  is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Westminster Palace is a huge building situated in the Thames in central London. Here sit two houses of the British Parliament. The current building is kept New Palace because the old was destroyed by fire in 1834 In 1605 the Parliament does not correspond to his hair, when the plan of Guy Fawkes (the guy from Anonymous masks) to blow it is thwarted at the last moment .

Westminster Palace and Abbey

Four-storied building has over 1,100 rooms, 100 staircases, corridors and 4.8 km three towers, the tallest of which is the tower of Victoria (98.50 meters). It houses the Parliamentary Archives, sparing 3 million documents on the 8.8 km long common steel shelves, located on 12 floors. At the base of the tower entrance of the sovereign in which the monarch comes when you need to open sessions of parliament or other formal occasions.

Second highest tower of the Palace is probably London's most famous landmark - Big Ben (96 meters). The big clock started in 1859 at each of the four sides of the tower dials diameter 7 m arrows classes is 2.70 meters long and minute - 4.30 m has 5 bells. 4 of them beat every quarter of an hour, and the largest, gave the name to the entire tower - on the hour. Big Ben is the bell crack, which gives its characteristic sound.  To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen in 2012, Big Ben was officially renamed the Tower of Elizabeth (Elizabeth Tower).

The view of Parliament from the opposite bank of the Thames so impressed Father of Impressionism Claude Monet, he devoted his whole series of paintings. Nowadays frame with the setting over the Palace, Big Ben and Westminster Bridge sun is a must for every hunter the perfect photo from London.

Westminster Abbey is the church where they were crowned and buried most British kings. Here are the graves of celebrities like Handel, Newton, Chaucer, Dickens, Tennyson, Kipling. From 1100 onwards the church consisted weddings and at least 16 members of the royal family. Two of them are acting kings - Henry I (1100) and Richard II (1382), and the last time here married Prince William and Kate. Abbey and Palace next door, was built mainly in Gothic style. Originated in the late 60's - early 70's of the 10th century (although there is evidence of its existence as early as 624 years). The construction of the first church here began in 1042, and this - in 1245

On the territory of the abbey is the beautiful church "St. Margarita "(St. Margaret's Church), the parish church of the House of Commons. There was even married Sir Winston Churchill. It was founded in 12th century, and in 15-16, and was rebuilt.


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