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Zagreb - where surviving broken relationships

Zabreb is the largest city in Croatia. And it is also the Capital city of Croatia.
Less known, the region of Lika in Croatia offers an authentic tourism, among waterfalls, lakes, mountains, caves or descents Bucolic River by canoe. What a vacation, Starting from the capital, teeming, human, full of museums and ... sunny terraces.

Fragmented, TORN AND still deeply scarred by the war, Croatia does not appear unless a smiling face. Now everyone lives in peace on both sides of the border confirmed here seventeen years. Despite a troubling of unemployment rate (20%) and a steady increase in prices, joining the European Union on the horizon in 2013, and tourism is a boon to the treasure, one of the main advantages of Croatia is to have preserved its jagged coastline in the division of land with its color and its string of Adriatic islands - 1244, all the same!

And if the memory of Dubrovnik still lights up the face of one who has lost his soul, Zagreb - old Central European city, whose writings date from the 11th  century, and capital of the Republic of Croatia - swarming, for its part, charming terraces and museums more interesting one than the other. We believe, for example, the Croatian Museum of Naive Art, the largest in the world, where the Museum Mimara enthroned Raphael, Velasquez, Rubens, Rembrandt and Goya, or at very astonishing museum of broken relationships, the only such the world. If anyone to visit, so this is certainly one. He will tell you how two boots always evoke memories of Nathalie, a pair of handcuffs, an erotic relationship and a glittering reindeer, a truncated marriage. In summary, if you separate and need to dispose of certain objects, you can also give the museum in Zagreb. They will make your relationship a true work of art. It would be unfortunate, which said, when the sun shines, which is very often the case in summer, since Zagreb has a continental climate, not to take advantage of the many terraces of a city also compared to the largest European coffee. Call indecent to idleness, to contemplation, cappuccino or tasting Rajika, the local plum brandy, these terraces, with comfortable furniture and contemporary, occupy almost the entire city and provide a high popular stop at the end For example, the colorful market where vegetables are sold all organic.

Zagreb therefore, its museums, terraces, but also its cemetery built by German architect Herman Bollé between 1880 and 1928, a peaceful haven located on the heights with its baroque arches, its impressive tombs, the tomb of Stefan Radic and tree-lined avenues. A place to visit for all who wants to come to terms with death. Lowest in the region of Lika, made up of highlands between the Velebit karst cashed west plunging into the sea and Dinara east which forms the border with Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Plitvice Lakes deserve one to two days visit, on foot, bike or boat to the rhythm of their 92 waterfalls, their music and their spell. This national park classified, in 1949, is a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1979. It is said that the sound of water flowing along the stone would have inspired the famous opera singer Katarina Milka Trnina, one of the waterfalls is now known. Depending on the time and season, the light changes and return the lakes to reflect more or less nuanced.

Rather poor, Lika offers an authentic tourism between rivers, caves, mountains and forests, off the beaten track, holiday villages and other formulas "turnkey". The holiday rent a house, a homestay, and hotel room or a campsite preserving a sense of loneliness, all forms of accommodation are scattered along the roads. Depending on the day or desire, it would be able to walk on foot, by bicycle or on horseback, fishing, or better yet, down the river by canoe Gacka starting from Otocac, capital of the antifascist Croats during the World War II. In 1991 the city was destroyed by Serbian aggression. Yet they exude certain serenity today. As evidenced by the oldest inhabitant who, from his 85 years, is pleased to have survived the disorders and cancer. In his rickety little house, waiting for the official of the company hire canoes to offer him, in his living room-kitchen about two meters by three, the traditional coffee prepared in Italian.
In the absence of sea, beaches or pools, younger or more active fall-back is perhaps the adventure parks where, hanging from the branches, they will learn to overcome their fears.


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