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Making A Terrace Garden Or Rooftop Garden Ideas

Terrace Garden
Who has not dreamed of transforming a rooftop garden deck or carry up a small fragment of nature to relax and gardening?

Some pots for growing plants and gardening and the countryside. It's envy. Some of crucial questions, however. What is the orientation? Is there enough light?, Which plants to use? How to choose? And most important of all, what weight can support my deck? Compliance in the load, the location of discharge points of runoff and the safety of neighbors and passersby are essential considerations. Avoid installing unstable and along the railings. An ill wind could cause many inconveniences.

It is first to observe the scene and their environment. This in itself is not different from the approach to be on terra firma. Enjoy the journey of the sun and the shadows it creates, judge the wind, to identify the elements which we want to hide or protect themselves. A view of the rooftops is very charming. Being the focus of the neighborhood has none. Then, we must think about how we wish to distribute the space. A corner for a sun lounger, a small table for drinks. What is the best distribution of plants according to their need and usefulness? Better to be thought in advance, once filled, pots and pans are heavy and large not easy to move. If it is necessary to protect themselves vis-à-vis other than just plants, a structure is needed? Which one? A skylight or opaque?

Next comes the choice of trays, pots and planters. What containers buy? Potted plants are more prone to temperature variations. The pots in the sun heat up quickly, especially those of black color. Water evaporates quickly. The wind is a factor to consider when we rise in the floors. Its strength increases with height. The gusts can bring down large plants. Sometimes it is prudent to secure firmly. The wind is also an important factor in drying. Therefore, even in winter, when it does not freeze, continue watering plants, evergreen, preferably in the morning, leaving the root ball dry between interventions. They usually die of thirst as the gel this season.

Growing plants in pots requires more time than open ground. It should be potted, repot. In addition, fertilization and watering must be monitored and precise. In most cases, the owners of terrace gardeners prefer to start by evergreen plants for year round greenery shield. Species selection is done according to their requirements. This is a guarantee of success. Shaded terraces cannot accommodate that species putting up with some light. Among others, rhododendrons, camellias, remembering that they do not appreciate at all the morning sun, orange Mexican skimmias, hydrangeas, or some beautiful boxwood balls. The sun terraces will host viburnum, photinia, yew and dwarf pines. Deciduous plants provide colorful notes of their blooms and their autumn colors. They mark the changing seasons. Why not try some climbing plants to decorate walls or trellises. Jasmine, honeysuckle, clematis, or the famous Trachelospermum jasminoides, said the Tuscan jasmine which colonized Parisian terraces with success in recent years. Nevertheless, it is sensitive to cold winds.

Some ideas
To achieve a permanent decoration on your patio, a multitude of possibilities available to you, provided that you give to the elect the care they require.
Here are some more specific suggestions. A nice skimmia, the Skimmia japonica 'Magic Marlot', is a very compact variety with green leaves edged with cream. The evolution of flowering provides an almost constant interest. The flowers are honey. The shrub like an acidic soil not too dry and semi-shade. Why not take that as a pyracantha, He adapts to all situations. But persistent thorn bush that illuminate a terrace a little sad. 'Sun Gold' has large, golden berries, 'Mohave' red berries that persist long and 'Orange Glow' guard off a part of the winter. In a tray in the sun, plant one or two clematis summer. They are easier to cut. The stems are cut to 40 cm in late February. For lovers of blue monochrome, associate viticella Clematis 'Blue Angel' or 'Prince Charles' and 'Blue Belle' darker.


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