Wednesday, February 20, 2013

iPhone 5S designed for the announcement in June 2013

A little more than two months Apple announced the next version of the iPhone, a particular iPhone 5, but this does not prevent the emergence of all sorts of rumors about the emergence of the iPhone 5S in the early summer of next year. Now is the right information from analysts who predict not only the appearance of the iPhone 5S, but the announcement in June 2013.

According to analyst Peter Misek new iPhone 5S will have not only improved screen, camera battery, but NFC (finally). It also said the option for 128GB storage of data and the emergence of different color options. Also for the first time we can with greater confidence to comment on the possibility of the emergence of a cheaper model iPhone, which offers a reasonable price, but also cut opportunities. Amid the emergence of iPad mini is not so crazy to assume that Apple can offer a "light version" of current model iPhone. If this version appears, and is likely to be based on the capacity close to the hardware features of the iPhone 4.


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