Friday, February 22, 2013

Street of Crafts - Tryavna

You can't visit Tryavna and overlook to walk through one of the landmarks of the city, the famous street of the craft. The street name is "Petko Rachov Slaveykov" and since 1979 it was declared a cultural and historical reserve. The street can be compared with the samovodska charshiya in Veliko Turnovo, but it has its own style and spirit, so worth visiting.

The street of crafts is located in the historic part of Tryavna. It is easily accessible by foot, but we noticed that at her passing and cars, which was not very pleasant as it is narrow and people prefer to walk there in peace. If you reached the clock tower, the street of craft is one step away. Go on hunchback bridge, also known as the arched bridge that connects the two parts of the city and you're there. Immediately after the bridge start shops for souvenirs and a variety of small shops. The street is paved on both sides there is a trotoarcheta and the houses are in a typical style builders. It's all very maintained, floral, a delight to the eye. Nice they surprise a plethora of wooden elements in the houses. They once again prove what a good masters tryavna and how well have mastered the art of working with wood.

In stores/has a diverse product, quite wooden objects, very beautiful, colorful and unique. Wonderfully made wooden toys, souvenirs, ornaments, everything what you want. And it really brings the spirit of Tryavna, and isn't just another souvenir. The prices are acceptable, most hand-crafted things cost us a little expensive, but I think worth the price. In addition, there are carving works and ceramic, leather, jewelry shops. At the end of the street lies the tailor shop where you can see how to make costumes from different corners of the country. There is a tiny shop for hand-crafted furniture that are amazing with the quality and beauty.

On the street of the craft are present and some other attractions of the town of tryavna, Daskalov Slaveykova House and. There is also a small guest houses, offering holidays in the heart of Renaissance atmosphere. In a shekerdzhiynitsa you can try the famous coffee sand, as well as a variety of sweet.
Surely if you go visit this street in Tryavna, grab something as a souvenir or just take a stroll to enjoy and dive into the atmosphere of the past.


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